Photo by Peggy Mullin


Alexis Fairbanks is a photojournalist and occasional mathematician from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  She recently completed her education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Photojournalism and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics.  Alexis's love affair with visual storytelling began the day she was handed a camera (unfortunately for her pride that was when she was in middle school during the mid 2000s, possibly the worst phase she and fashion have ever experienced) and she has been on a mission to document her world ever since.

Alexis forged a deep connection with the natural world during her eating disorder recovery, and as a result is extremely passionate about documenting the interwoven relationships between humans and the natural world they inhabit.  

Her professional work centers around style and production: she has served as the photography director for a student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine for three years and greatly enjoys the production value and creativity that makes styling and beauty come to life.  Her personal and class work explores eating disorder recovery and reclaiming physical image, as well as different aspects of the word recovery. Alexis's work has been recognized with multiple awards from the UNC-Chapel Hill Journalism school and a grant from UNC-Chapel Hill in summer of 2016 to conduct an independent photojournalism project researching how climate change has affected ten national parks in the western United States.  Her past experience includes shooting for the media crew for Race Across America, spending a summer backpacking through Wyoming and Montana photographing Wilderness Adventures programs, acting as Lead Still Photographer for a team of multimedia journalists documenting post-Maria Puerto Rico, and many other exciting adventures in between.

Aside from photography and documentary film, Alexis loves hiking and backpacking, rock climbing, and searching for the world’s best grilled cheese.  She is an adventurous and curious spirit, always looking for the next mountain to climb and story to share.

For inquiries and collaborations, send me an email at or give me a call at 919-257-0183.