Photo by Elise Holsonback


Welcome to my little slice of the internet!  My name is Alexis Fairbanks, and I'm a graduating senior at UNC-Chapel Hill studying photojournalism and applied math.  My love affair with photography began the day I was handed a camera, and I've been on a mission to show people how I see the world ever since. 

Past projects include media coverage of Race Across America with 3000 Miles to a Cure, behind the scenes photography at New York Fashion Week, a photography internship with Wilderness Adventures, collaborations with various designers such as Kenny Flowers, North by South Apparel, and Vavavoo, a six week photojournalism project looking at the impacts of climate change in America's national parks, and a lead photographer role on a multimedia project on post-hurricane Puerto Rico.

I currently work at the Carolina Union as a photographer in the Communications and Creative Services department and also serve as the Photography Director for Coulture, a student-run fashion and lifestyle magazine.

For inquiries and collaborations, send me an email at or give me a call at 919-257-0183.